One year sewn – Winter 2019 and previous makes

I’ve been following the #oneyearsewn blog series by @sewstainability (and also the hashtag on Instagram), looking forward to the time when I would be able to join in, and now is that time! It’s about a year since I began blogging and ‘Gramming my makes, and a new year is about to begin. Now seems like a good time to review, to help with planning future makes and as a prompt to mend / adjust anything that hasn’t lasted the year, or isn’t working for me.

Delphine Skirt

The first item to review is my Tilly and the Buttons Delphine Skirt. I made this skirt just before I got my overlocker. The fabric is quite a loose weave, almost like a fine (soft) Hessian, so I was worried my zigzag finishing wouldn’t survive much wearing and washing. I didn’t wear it loads due to my concerns about keeping it in a good condition, so it has actually survived perfectly. I used a polyester lining, which isn’t the nicest (I picked it up at the local market) but it has served it’s purpose very well, and helped to protect the insides. The zip still sticks slightly around the waistband, but not enough to do anything about it.

The style of the skirt really works for me at the moment – the wide a-line shape allows me to play on the floor with my toddler comfortably. I have a habit of sizing up when making clothes, so it is pretty loose around the waist, but it means it’s super comfy, especially at this time of year – I wore it on Christmas day the last two years and it meant my clothes didn’t get in the way of me eating whatever I wanted to eat. Maybe I would make it slightly smaller next time, or just taper in the top of the waistband a tiny bit so that it doesn’t look so baggy at the top.

Because of the weight of this fabric and the lining I wouldn’t wear this skirt in the summer, it’s more suited to tights and cooler weather. I definitely want to make more of these so I have some to wear throughout the year. I have some curtain fabric I think would work well, and some denim that might be perfect. I love the one I’ve made because the fabric is very unusual, although it is difficult to pair it with tops – I think it works with this jumper, but otherwise the safest bet is a tight black top tucked in.

Denim Cleo

The next item i want to review is my first Tilly and the Buttons Cleo pinafore – I actually made this a few years ago now, but last year was the first chance I had to get lots of wear out of it. I’ve worn it loads over the last year. It was so so handy for breastfeeding, and as above, it is great for playing with a toddler. This one probably does work better as a summer item, but I think it works fine with tights in the winter.

Last winter I fixed an issue with the length of the shoulder straps so that has massively helped, making them much more wearable. This was also made before I owned an overlocker, and the zigzag finishing has survived well.

Last year I noted that I’m not happy with the way the pockets were sewn on. I made a rookie mistake by not stitching all the way to the top of the pockets. This means the tops of the pockets crinkle downwards after every wash, so I can’t get away with not ironing the dress. I did intend to do something about that in the last year. This review is a good prompt to actually come up with a plan for this! I bought some sashiko needles so I might try to find embroidery ideas.

Cotton Cami

This is the Silk Cami pattern from Sew Over It. I made this a couple of years ago. I was probably a bit smaller than I am now, and it was a bit tight when I first made it so I can’t wear it at all now.

I chose the wrong type of fabric for the pattern, so this is a lesson in fabric selection! It was my first try at French seams, and I haven’t tried them again since, so that’s something I want to gave a go at again this year. But French seams with cotton fabric on a pattern intended for very lightweight fabrics just didn’t work well at all.

Super bulky French seams!

I’m going to rescue the fabric, possibly for a quilting project.. i might start making some little hexxies. It’ll be nice if I can do an update blog post this time next year with a new purpose for this fabric!

That’s it for my winter 2020/21 #oneyearsewn – I’m hoping to do a new post for this series for each season. I think I’ll find it so so valuable, to encourage me to sew more (including alterations and mending), and to make sure my sewing is as sustainable as possible! I’ve found analysing my makes to be very inspiring – it’s a real motivator to know that I’ve been wearing these items for a year and I’d definitely choose these over RTW clothes.

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